Monday, 24 September 2012

Making my first purse!

So I thought for Christmas this year (yes Christmas, only 3 months away!) I would make purses for all my lovely friends and family. HOwever having never made a purse before I had to teach myself. Not one for following patterns and books written by others. Once I had a peruse around I thought 'I can make a simpler one'. So I did and here they are. I started my first one with beach like cloth, but it didn't come out well at all - so I hoped on the computer to make my own pattern (much simpler) and then made to London purses!

So above is my first attempt - very bad indeed, but below after I made my own pattern they turned out wonderfully!

Choose some London iconic fabric - Bought in Tunbridge Wells and Rye, England

My second attempt above and below.

Below is the pattern I drew in Illustrator

I traced around the pattern once I had printed it off, onto the back of my fabric.

I cut it out and place the fabric back to back.

And here is my third and final one.

Now to get making the ones I need for Christmas!