Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Sun has got his hat on hip hip hooray!

So I came across this sun hat pattern in one of the craft magazines and I thought it would be good to make and sell. It is for babies new born - 12 months. The fabric I got when I was in New York last year from the Purl Soho Shop. For this hat as it is a reversible hat I will be using to different fabrics. I love red as it is bold, bright and passionate!

The Pattern! Increase by 50% - did this by scanning in and enlarging

Cut out 6 petal shapes for each piece of fabric (12 in total)

Cut out two semi circles for the rim. Fold fabric in half and place shape on the edge of the fold and cut

Sew your petals together - 3 at a time, iron seams and then stitch together to create your crowns.

Sew your rim to your crown and then sew both hats together along the rim. Remember to do inside out leaving a gap to turn the hat back the right way.

The finished article! One reversible hat! My first attempt.