Friday, 8 November 2013

Making a house a home

We don't own a TV - We haven't done since we got married, and prior to that we lived with landlords as lodgers and so didn't watch TV. So all in no TV since Early 2007. I'm not a fan of TV, a lot of people tend to have it on in the background all of the time and to them it's just background noise, to me it is a complete distraction. I also believe TV is the one of the biggest reasons that people don't communicate at home as it's much easier to watch TV than it is to have a conversation with your partner.

Having said all of that, my husband is a complete film fanatic and this year bought a projector for which he could watch all the films he purchase on iTunes! And so has set about creating a space to hang the projector and sound system to go with it. This is my husband sorting out the wires!

My husband is a techie geeky person though and through.

So whilst adding a cinema room we also needed to change the taps in the kitchen as turning taps I can no longer do thanks to RSI from my day job (designer). So we got this beauty from Ikea and my friend Norman who is a plumber fitted it! Yay

And just for fun this is the beautiful place we live (view from one of the windows):

Bring out the flowers!

During August we managed to wallpaper the long wall between the kitchen and the lounge - all nine and half metres of it! We used Laura Ashley's Summer Palace Eau De Nil Floral and although it looks lovely when finished it was a nightmare to line up - definitely paying some one to do wall papering in the future! The result: