Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Making a clasp purse!

So after a short trip to Spain to recover.

I decided to make some purses with the clasps I bought there. I learned how to draw my own pattern from this blog and watched a couple of you tube videos. And this is my first attempt:

So I have drawn my pattern and chosen my inner and outer fabric and the clasp.

Cut out your pattern

Then cut out two inners and two outers using your pattern

Place the inner right side facing on to the outer like so

Stitch all around the edge leaving a gap so you can pull the fabric right side round.

I have left my gap on the right edge near the top. Once you have pulled the fabric around the right way place the other fabric back to back and stitch together making sure not to stitch past the clasp area!

Once the two pieces are together you can stitch in your clasp:

I used large pins to hold the fabric in place whilst I hand stitched around. And hopefully you will have something like this:

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